Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am stuck on Band-aid brand

...'cause Band-Aid's stick on me!

Probably post a post of jingles alone, but then they'd be stuck in your head as you walked around today, and you'd all be cursing me.
What I have on my mind today, though, is this.

When did the advertisements for PRESCRIPTION drugs start? I honestly don't remember.
I find it really kind of ludicrous that the major drug companies run ad's for drugs you have to have a prescription for.

I bet this must drive the MD's NUTS. People, seeing these commercials, and convincing themselves that nothing but THAT DRUG will due for them. Convincing themselves they have that ailment. And the commercials almost always have this 1-800 number, or website, where you can get the all important "questionnaire" to fill out with your symptoms.

Just what your doc wants to do, sit down with you, and a questionnaire, and go over a list of symptoms that a COMMERCIAL thinks you have! I bet their heart's just sink when they walk into an exam room and see one of those things.

And, the far reaching internet. Where everyone can look up medical advice. I know the doc's in Podunk have a hard time with this one. If I had a nickel for every time a family member said to me, or the doc "well I read on the internet that you SHOULD be doing this this and this, why aren't you?" I'd be retired. I looooove the internet. I love the instant info offered on every topic imaginable. But, truthfully. I hate it when the families think it is the be all and end all of medical knowledge. Why go to Medical School? The internet will tell you what to do!

Ahh. What an interesting era we live in. . .

Hi five for consumerism....

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