Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harm Reduction for Addicts

Harm reduction is another method of treating patients, particularly those with addictions. Ironically, the conservative right, usually full of so-called 'Christians' are the opponents of harm reduction tactics in healthcare because they believe it borders on 'enabling'.

These individuals perhaps need to think things thru.

Studies are coming out that clearly point out the necessity to reduce the harm of individuals engaged in high risk behaviour. Because the solution is not always, "get a job and get off the street" as if it was that easy, other methods need to be employed to help the most vulnerable, but as well reduce healthcare costs.

Herein lies the punch, harm reduction requires an increase in grace from practitioner to patient, and it also reduces the cost to the system significantly.

Do we really watn to hear about how to make people comparatively better and save money? Or are we to preoccupied on a crutch of political appeal to care about the person behind disease?